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    MSE atmosphere controlled automatic hot presses are designed to consolidate powder materials at high temperature (up to 2200C). This equipment is capable of densifying virtually all hard-to-sinter ceramic materials that have high melting temperature. Sintering atmospheres can be controlled from high vacuum to inert and from reducing to oxidizing atmosphere.

    Controlled atmosphere automatic hot pressing system includes the vacuum furnace, press load frame with rams and automatically controlled hydraulic force system. A variety of optional features can be adopted upon customer’s demand.


    • Force (Kg) 25 000 ***
    • Stroke distance 190 mm ***
    • ±20 kg force sensitivity
    • Time, temperature, pressing force adjustment and monitoring
    • Touch panel
    • Force and distance limiter
    • Distance, force, temperature adjustment in each step of the set program
    • Excellent force and distance sensitivity with Patented MSE Servo Hydraulic system control, (%0,1 force and 0,1 mm)
    • Controlled atmosphere, water-cooled cabin, auto vacuum (10-1 mbar) auto sweep, gas supply
    • Changeable forcing die (HT Steel or Graphite)
    • Over temperature and over pressure alarm
    • Water cooling system and warning alarm
    • Light barrier for operator’s safety
    • “Holding load” feature
    • Auto power cut when the lid is opened

    *** can be adjusted according to customer’s demand.