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    Isostatic pressing method, which is widely used among the forming methods, is one of the indispensable forming solutions due to homogeneous and co-compression possibility in three dimensions. It is designed and manufactured with 10 000 bar pressure resistant product in line with the requirements with its specialized cadmium for the production of high pressure vessels.


    We have the option of special non-standard production for all products, with wet sanitary products used for research purposes in the sector, dry sanitary products used for mass production and hot isostatic presses used for sintering at high pressure.

    Ergonomic Design

    Easy opening and closing lid design.

    Maximum Safety

    All of our models are produced in accordance with the European Union regulation of pressure vessels. At the top level, safety factors are used.

    Full Automotion

    Control from the touch screen


    Product Range

    Our company produces models that are suitable for customer demand and budget with both manual (0-2000 Bar) and automatic (0-5500 Bar) systems. * The depth of the hopper is 200 mm, while the models vary according to the diameter of the hopper. For standard non-standard sizes please contact us (1 bar = 14.503 pounds / square inch)

    What Is Cold Isostatic Pressing?

    At room temperature with the aid of a pressure by liquid to a sample in three axes, peer pressure is applied to each point of the sample.

    What Is The Difference From Single Axis?

    In normal pressing, only one axial force is applied, but surfaces exposed to forces due to reasons such as not being able to fill the mold surface and mold in the same way are never exposed at all points.

    This can create condensation gradients in the cooked sample.

    Isostatic pressing is relatively non-existent. In addition, high-pressure values at isostatic pressing provide high wet density and thus a more homogeneous sintering at relatively lower temperatures.

    Single Axis                                              Three Axis


    Representative Product Displays