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    Our company, which closely follows the technology, designs and manufactures promising high-pressure pasteurization devices in the food industry locally.


    According to the researches carried out, this pasteurization method, which provides longer shelf life without using additives for many foods, is based on the principle of freeing the food from bacteria by exposing it to high pressures.


    The advantage of this system over conventionally heat pasteurizations is low operating cost and rapid production.


    Our company manufactures food pasteurisation devices in R & D scale and also manufactures devices that can be used in industrial applications if demanded.


    In general, the characteristics of our R & D laboratory equipment are as follows:


    • 5500 Bar adjustable pressure
    • Adjustable test environment from -40 ° C to + 90 ° C
    • Automatic lid opening
    • Sample collection basket
    • ID: 60 x H: 200 mm operating area

    These devices are customer focused and are manufactured on demand. For both industrial and R & D purposes please contact us.


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